About us

In 1994, Sir Markadoo bought two dozen T-shirts, printed two religious messages ---"Thank You Jesus" and "Fill My Cup Lord"--- on them and went into business.

A year later, Sir Markadoo leased a 700-square-foot space and expanded into fragrances, body oils, lotions, bath and shower gels. Due to a genuine zeal for providing the best quality products at the best price, Sir Markadoo had to expand to a 2,500 square foot facility. Today, Heavenly Body Products International occupies a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Decatur, Georgia as a flourishing wholesale and online business.

In a wholesaler capacity, Heavenly Body Products International helps entrepreneurs launch their own small business with $30 or more.

"We help God's people prosper." This is the vision of Heavenly Body Products and lines up with Sir Markadoo's belief that "If you are not afraid to work for yourself, we can help get you started in your own business and make today's dream, tomorrow's reality.

Our Mission:

Heavenly Body Products International is a family owned business responsive to the needs of our associates and employees.  We are dedicated to providing a positive experience for each of our associates.  We believe every customer should feel cared for and valued.


  • Create a long term committed team of employees, each of whom is equally important to the overall success of the organization.

  • Deliver excellent service by a friendly, efficient and well-trained staff.

  • Offer a consistent product of high quality and value.

  • Foster an entrepreneurial, sales focused culture.

  • Aggressively pursue financial growth and success, making it further evident that customer relationships are still a company’s best friend!

We Help God's People Prosper!

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